Prison Birthday Cake

I came up with this idea for a customer, who had picked up Mark Leveridge’s ‘Key-Volution’ – and to be honest, that gaff makes the whole thing pretty much self-working.  However, it’s unavailable, but the basic idea can still be applied.

So, the effect is that you show an uncut key, and then take a nail filing board, and slowly hack away at it, turning into a regular, ready-to-go key!

It’s the perfect trick to inflict on someone when you have apparently locked yourself out of your house… in which case, rather than use an uncut key, you can use one that doesn’t fit… you file away at it like a professional, then suddenly, it works!

Begin with an uncut key in some place that doesn’t haemorrhage, and your regular matching key in a pocket, together with a nail board filing emery whatever they are called thing.

Reach into your pockets, finger palm the regular key, and come out with the uncut one on display (WOOF!).  Switch it as you change hands and reach into your pocket for your nail file board.  Note that you can display the key in a pretty fair way after the switch, holding it by the shaft (woof) and keeping the head on display (woof).

Ditch the uncut (woof) key in your pocket, come out with the board, and file away.  SHAZAM!

Note that if you are using the ‘wrong key’ rather than the uncut version, the switch can be very clean, as you don’t need to hide anything after!

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