The £500 rule

This isn’t really relevant to magic, or tricks, but more of a business thing that I’ve recently adopted, and has had good results.  Of course, if you are a professional performer, or a magic dealer smaller than Kaymar (as in, nobody) then you might find it equally useful.

Part of being self-employed is the ups and downs.  A non-regular income is a source of stress, and with the landing of a great day of sales being a great high as you release that you, and only you, have been responsible for paying your own way, also comes the times when something doesn’t work as expected, and you are left short.

The emotional impact of that can be quite significant, and in the early days, made an early spiral for me.  If business was slow, then I wasn’t motivated.  Why pour effort in and come up short?

So, about a year or two back, I set in place a rule.  Everyday that I am in the office, regardless of motivational levels, I will NOT leave until I have added £500 of value to the business.  Adding £500 of ‘value’ takes on different meanings, and can cover £500 of sales, or listing £500 worth of products on the website, or making up products that have a resale value of £500, or any combination of thereof.

This has a much more motivating effect, especially when you come to the end of the day.  Even feeling ‘meh’, knowing that you have put £500 of value into the business is a good feeling – even when it’s not sales – because ultimately all work put in will become sales one day.

Of course, for different business, you might need to tweak the figures, but give it a try.

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