Seer Routine!

Jamie Daws ‘The SEER’ envelope is a clever thing, and after playing with it for a bit, I realised it was perfect for an OLD routine of mine, so I’ll detail it here for you fellow ‘seers’ (or owners of similar apparatus).

Effect wise, your spectator writes their birthday on a business card, and seals it in a black envelope.  You place it down on table, and hold your hand over the top in a mysterious fashion… but nothing happens.

‘We will come back to that, I think that might be a bit much to start off with.  Let’s do a warm up.  Do you know your star sign?’

The spectator does, and you have them draw or write it down on a second card, seal it in a second envelope, and hold it securely between their palms.

‘OK, yes, this is better – much easier to visualise.  It’s not subtle, it’s a big powerful animal.  The Lion – you are a Leo?  That suits you actually – I can see that :)’

Turning attention back to the first envelope, you now have them concentrate on their birthday, and reveal it!

Method is straight forward – just slide the first card into the peek envelope and table it straight away.  Feign an inability to reveal the date (well, not really feigned to be honest) and suggest an easier warm up.  Your spectator writes their star sign on the second card, and place it into the black envelope.  Use Jermay’s super bold peek as you ask them to check the envelope is opaque – and now you have all the information you need – you’ve seen the Birthday, and from that can deduce the star-sign.


Don’t be disheartened – helpfully print out a list of the star signs and the relevant dates, and remove it before you start.  Then you can ask the spectator if they know their star-sign, and show them the card to look it up if they don’t.  The card will then serve a double purpose, as you can use it as a crib later.


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