Cover song!

It seems that there’s plenty of methods for everything now – it’s pretty fair to say that whatever effect you are trying to achieve, you are covered.  Usually by Ed Marlo.  Unfortunate turn of phrase – don’t close your eyes.  It won’t help.

What there is always a shortage of, overall, is cool revelations.  How do you show the magic in a novel, topical and offbeat way?  Where does your signed item re-appear?  In a wallet?  In your iPhone case?  Underneath the screen of your nintendo switch?

Mental magic (mentalism, whatever… it’s all the same…  HA!)  is particularly worthy of this kind of attention.  Just how many times can you write something on a pad and still make people care?  Or raise an eyebrow and simply say the number they are thinking of?

So here’s a cool revelation.  You need some way of forcing two separate pieces of information – I recommend my sneaky ‘Double Blank Svengali Deck’ handling.

Here’s the idea – you force a song, say ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’, and then an Artist… say ‘Celine Dion’.  You comment that you have a prediction, and it will be a song that matches both.

You have both choices named, and you have apparently missed – especially if you imply that the two choices will be connected!

And then you reveal your prediction.  Brace yourselves…


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