The season to be Buddha.

One of my guilty pleasures (aside from not sharing anything that is share size) is the Buddha Papers.  Yes, OK, simmer down back there.  I have AWESOME tricks with it, OK?!

With the festive season closing in, it occurred to me that the usual brightly coloured paper could be replaced with festive brightly coloured paper.  CREATIVE OVERLOAD!

Using wrapping paper gave the next jump – when do people open multiple layers of wrapping paper?  For Pass The Parcel, obvs.

So here is a festive ‘just chance’ trick – you open up a bundle of different nested wrapping papers, and reveal a £20 note inside the last one.  You fold it all back up, and then pass it around, Pass the Parcel style.  The last person to win opens the last package, and inside is, an I.O.U for £20, to be cashed next Christmas!

Of course, you can reveal anything you like.

Get creative and let us know what you come up with… we need all the help we can get!

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