Another Magic Blog? Bloody hell, why?!

Well, this is a good question.

Firstly, I love reading, writing and thinking about magic – it is literally 80% of my day (I eat a lot). Every day. All the time. I’d thought about a magazine as an outlet for my assorted nonsense, but having spoken to editors and producers, not ONE of them managed a convincing ‘Yeah, running the magazine was totally fun’. Warning heeded, then.

Secondly, when I got started in this business 20 years ago, I was young and opinionated. Now, I’m just opinionated. But blow me down if magic forums and Facebook groups edit, change posts and even encourage other people with different opinions to discuss matters! Good lord no, my ranting needs to be one way traffic. 😀 HA!

Thirdly, since taking over Kaymar Magic, my previous domain was going spare – and it’s too good a thing to not use, so a blog it is.

What kind of blog will this be?

Well, that is also a good question.

I don’t really know yet. I have so many unpublished tricks, that there will NEED to be some of those. I also have a taste for reading obscure books and uncovering hidden gems, and so I’ll be pointing those out too. I’ll cover theory stuff, presentations, ideas on creativity and construction, and opinions on what other people are doing, and whether it’s 1. Awesome, 2. Meh, or 3. Poop.

In checking out other blogs, I noticed that being anonymous was quite fashionable, and it certainly gives a lot of advantages… a certain level of mystique, the freedom to criticise the work of others without ever having to prove that you are any better, and a general lack of accountability in general.

Being somewhat slow-witted, I’m forgoing this luxury. My name is Liam, I’m a magician positively bordering on reasonable, and I have a disproportionate amount of things to say about it 😀 What more qualifications could you possibly need?

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